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You start things on a whim but struggle to follow through, often giving up midway. Your tendency to heat up quickly and cool down just as fast leads to inconsistency. You might find yourself swayed by others' opinions, with an impatient and lazy side, failing to see things through to success.

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Explanation and Advice


You tend to abandon commitments, showing a lack of perseverance. Quick to adopt new things but also quick to quit, you often give up before success, risking being perceived as fickle and unreliable.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Quickly quits new clubs or hobbies
  • Gradually becomes careless in tasks started with others
  • Loses motivation if results are not quick
  • Starts with enthusiasm but tires over time
Advice for Resolution

For those who struggle with continuity, goal setting is effective. The trick is to set both a large goal and smaller, subdivided goals. The large goal significantly boosts motivation, while the small goals help maintain it by achieving them daily. Good goals greatly support your continuity.

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