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Overly Proud

When communicating with others, you often stress them out with your way of speaking. Trying to assert your opinions as superior, you might suppress others or get into arguments. Your high self-esteem can alienate others, so being mindful of your words and actions is crucial.

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Explanation and Advice

Overly Proud

Your high pride can be burdensome to those around you. Being competitive, you avoid appearing inferior, which can lead to harsh behavior. The tendency to feel superior to others requires caution to avoid being transparent.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Gets irritated when losing
  • Cares about appearance more than average
  • Dislikes being ordered or directed
  • Unwilling to show weakness to others
Advice for Resolution
Overly Proud

High pride often leads to perfectionism, creating a mindset of "it must be 100%," which can be distressing. Move away from perfectionism and adopt the "80% is good enough" principle. Once you're comfortable with the 80% principle, you'll become more tolerant of what's lacking or inferior.

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Overly Proud
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