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You frequently make careless mistakes and tend to repeat them. Initially, others might forgive you, but repeated errors can lead to harsher judgments. Most people are aware of their absent-minded mistakes but struggle with solutions. Establishing personal rules to mitigate such errors is essential.

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What should be done next?
Explanation and Advice


You're prone to careless mistakes and losing things, which can erode trust over time. Inattention is hard to correct, and severe cases might require professional consultation.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Frequently loses personal belongings
  • Prone to careless mistakes at work
  • Struggles with organization and tidiness
  • Often panics under pressure
Advice for Resolution

The most effective way to avoid absentmindedness is to create and faithfully follow rules. While it's hard to correct careless mistakes, establishing rules like "Before doing X, always do Y and Z" helps eliminate mistakes due to inattention. The key is not to increase attentiveness but to create a system that prevents inattention.

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