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You're the type to act on greed, even in potentially losing situations, often regretting it later. You attract failures that could have been avoided with calm thinking. Your strong greed, seeking more than just stable outcomes, is a significant characteristic of your mishaps.

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What should be done next?
Explanation and Advice


You're more susceptible to temptation than others, preferring quick, significant gains over steady effort. This greed can cause you to miss out on assured successes.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Gets addicted to gambling
  • Always tries to win due to competitiveness
  • Cheats thinking won't get caught
  • Wants to earn big with little effort
Advice for Resolution

When greed takes over, halt your thoughts immediately and make a solid choice. The key is to act decisively without overthinking. Humans often imagine greater benefits and engage in greedy actions to achieve them. By not allowing yourself to imagine future benefits at the moment of choice, you can reduce failures caused by greed.

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