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You struggle with reading social cues, often dampening the mood with your words or actions. While this may not be critical among understanding individuals, it can be a major drawback in formal settings like work. Be mindful of your behavior to avoid alienating others.

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Explanation and Advice


You often perplex others with inappropriate comments or actions. Most KY (social unawareness) issues persist due to a lack of self-awareness and effort to improve. Recognizing the possibility of being socially unaware is a vital first step to avoid such failures.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Often silences a room with own remarks
  • Reveals secrets that shouldn't be told
  • Considers self to be funny
  • Doesn't listen to others' stories
Advice for Resolution

Observing people is an effective method to improve social awareness. Watch people who are good at reading the room, mimic their conversation content and timing. After analyzing these tendencies, practice them in actual conversations. Seeking feedback from others on the good and bad points of a conversation can be highly effective.

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