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You find joy and reassurance in being recognized by others. Always conscious of how you're perceived, you're often swayed by external evaluations. Your strong desire for approval can lead to boastfulness or moodiness when not acknowledged, causing challenges in maintaining healthy relationships.

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Explanation and Advice


Your strong desire for acknowledgment prioritizes being recognized by others. This can make you seem troublesome, always talking about yourself or being jealous. The tendency to be overly dissatisfied when not acknowledged can cause issues, so it's important to avoid mistaking your standards for universal norms.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Eager to talk about lack of sleep or hardships faced
  • Often points out others' flaws
  • Happy when praised but angry when not
  • Seeks to be understood by others
Advice for Resolution

Being praised by others isn't the only value in life, so learn diverse values through reading. Books compile the wisdom and experiences of predecessors with high quality, offering new ideas and insights. It's challenging to change ways of thinking and feeling from childhood, so it's crucial to practice what you learn and let it seep into your value system.

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