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You avoid conflicts to the point of not expressing yourself, leading to exhaustion from constant consideration and restraint. You may be praised for your cooperativeness but often seem indecisive or unreliable when it matters most. This people-pleasing tendency often results in internalized stress.

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What should be done next?
Explanation and Advice


You find it hard to assert your opinions, preferring to avoid conflict and becoming exhausted from constantly accommodating others. Although you have opinions, you choose not to voice them to avoid clashes. This can lead to dissatisfaction and delayed problem-solving.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Leaves decision-making to others when consulting
  • Doesn't express thoughts despite wanting to
  • Thinks it's others' fault for not understanding
  • Generally patient
Advice for Resolution

Gaining experience in making decisions and leading others builds confidence, gradually enabling you to assert yourself. Start by taking on leadership roles to deepen your confidence. After some experiences as a leader, your view of indecisive people changes, and you see the disadvantages of not speaking up. Though challenging at first, view these opportunities as a chance to learn and actively take on leadership roles.

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