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You're the type who trusts easily and lacks discernment, often being deceived or ending up in disadvantageous relationships. This can lead to a distrust of people and difficulty in maintaining appropriate social distances. In love, this often results in relationships with unsuitable partners.

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What should be done next?
Explanation and Advice


You often misjudge people, leading to being betrayed or deceived. You might be seen as gullible or too trusting. Since you're not overly concerned about this, your failure to improve can result in continued deception.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Deceived by lies from a partner
  • Persuaded to buy products by eloquent salespeople
  • Becomes friendly with suspicious individuals
  • Tends to lend money when asked
Advice for Resolution

Since it's hard to suddenly develop discernment, even if you don't suspect anything, make it a habit to share everyday happenings with others. Even casual conversations might contain suspicious elements when viewed by others. The closer the person, the more they'll care about you, so it's recommended to habitually get a third-party check on your actions.

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