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You resist listening to others and are reluctant to change your opinion. This stubbornness can make you seem rigid, and you might struggle to keep up with fast-changing modern times. Valuing your beliefs is not bad, but flexibility and openness to others' views are sometimes necessary.

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Explanation and Advice


Confident in your views, you're unlikely to change your stance even when advised by others. This inflexibility can lead others to avoid advising you, making it difficult for you to adapt to change and leading to potential failures.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Ignores advice from others
  • Doesn't change own opinion once convinced
  • Keeps belongings for a long time
  • rarely replacing
  • Unwilling to try things outside of interests
Advice for Resolution

For stubborn people unwilling to change their opinions, experiencing a culture shock that alters values can be effective. Engage in cross-cultural interactions with foreigners to experience situations where your norms don't apply. Communicating with people of different natures broadens your perspective, gradually making you more accepting of diversity.

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