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You tend to be late or not follow through on promises, betraying yourself and others. While not intending to lie, you might make excuses and shirk responsibility. This leads to a loss of trust in work and relationships, and such insincerity can lower both external and internal evaluations.

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What should be done next?
Explanation and Advice


You tend to be lax, not following through on commitments or respecting deadlines. This trait can lead to a loss of trust in various aspects of life, from work to personal relationships. It's a difficult trait to correct, so caution is needed to avoid standing out negatively in social settings.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Consistently late to appointments
  • Rushes work or study
  • often finishing last minute
  • Struggles with following through on promises
  • Makes many excuses
Advice for Resolution

People who are loose with commitments often procrastinate until the last minute. Start with more effort than necessary, like finishing deadlines days earlier or arriving 30 minutes early for appointments. Overdoing it initially is fine, as you'll likely end up just on time due to unforeseen delays, resulting in everything working out.

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