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You tend to procrastinate on unpleasant tasks, only to regret it when problems escalate. Your underestimation of deadlines can lead to lateness and last-minute scrambles. Procrastination isn't from a lack of willingness but rather a failure to prioritize, which can erode others' trust in more official settings.

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Explanation and Advice


You tend to postpone tasks you're reluctant to do, often regretting not addressing them sooner. Procrastination can exacerbate issues, making them harder to handle later. Prompt action and improvement are necessary.

Have you been behaving like this?
  • Always crams before tests
  • Visits the dentist only after cavities worsen
  • Hesitates to immediately refuse unwanted invitations
  • Often resolves to start being serious tomorrow
Advice for Resolution

The 5-second rule technique is effective for deciding whether to address a problem immediately or procrastinate. Count to five in your head, and act immediately after the count. This bypasses the brain's circuit of wanting or not wanting to do something, enabling immediate action. Use the 5-second rule to tackle procrastination.

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