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Key Type 9 Characteristics

Nines are also known as pacifists. They value harmony and prefer to build smooth relationships with those around them. They are generous and cooperative and are good at softening the atmosphere. They are calm and go at their own pace, unfazed by troubles. They are good at understanding people's feelings and are relied on by those around them as a good listener. They have the ability to adapt to and fit in any situation. They have a logical side, but they pay more attention to their feelings and intuition. They dislike disputes and do not argue, preferring to give in to others to keep the peace. They do not like studying and are not the type to actively pursue new things. If they show too much indecision or laziness, they leave a bad impression on the people around them.

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Type 9 Strengths and Weaknesses

TYPE-9 Strengths and Weaknesses

(+) Strengths

  • Kind
  • Patient
  • Open-minded
  • Emotionally stable
  • Understand people's feelings
  • Very cooperative
  • Big-hearted
  • Unfazed by troubles
  • Good listeners
  • Calm
  • Kind
  • Keep the peace
  • Fair
  • Do not speak ill of others

(-) Weaknesses

  • Go at their own pace
  • Susceptible to the influence of others
  • Indecisive
  • Bad at studying
  • Stubborn
  • Passive
  • Give in to others too much
  • Passive
  • Avoid conflict
  • Unconfident
  • Lazy
  • Do not think deeply
  • Endure too much
  • Not good at dealing with change

Type 9 Careers

Type 9 Careers

(+) Suitable Work Style

  • Working as a team rather than individually
  • Jobs that allow them to work at their own pace
  • Low-risk and low-pressure work
  • Work that supports leaders and team members
  • Stables workplace with little change

(+) Suitable Jobs

  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Diplomat
  • Pastor
  • Gardener
  • Librarian
  • Caregiver
  • Physical Therapist
  • Nurse
  • Veterinarian

(-) Unsuitable Work Style

  • Workplaces with intense conflict and competition
  • Work that involves high pressure and stress
  • Workplaces with frequent changes and a lot of uncertainty
  • Jobs that require detailed analysis and work
  • Jobs that require multitasking

(-) Unsuitable Jobs

  • Salesperson
  • Project Manager
  • Soldier
  • Politician
  • Athlete
  • Trader
  • Police Officer
  • Engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Scientist
  • Lawyer
  • Stockbroker
  • Doctor
  • Data Analyst
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Type 9 Love

Type 9 Love
  • They are not good at making the first move
  • It is easy for them to get influenced by their partner’s hobbies and preferences
  • They prefer someone to take the lead
  • They avoid fights and arguments because they dislike conflicts
  • If approached forcibly, they are unable to say no and end up accepting the other person
  • They seek stability and comfort rather than excitement
  • They are sometimes told by their partners that they are hard to read

Type 9 Passions

Type 9 Passions


Nines are reluctant to change familiar patterns. The peace and stability of the current situation are more important to them than newness and uncertainty. They have a strong desire not to get involved in trouble and tend to run away from troublesome conflicts,wanting to keep the peace at all costs. With low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence,they tend to give too much priority to others. It is not uncommon for them to suffer from being unable to assert themselves and things progressing under conditions that are unfavorable to them. It is good for them to be aware that asserting themselves with confidence can change their life for the better.

Type 9 Levels of Development

Type 9 Levels of Development

(+) Healthy

  • They are emotionally stable and kind to people
  • They cheer people up
  • They act as an arbitrator in disputes

(±0) Average

  • Even if they do not want to do something, they end up doing it to please others
  • They do not change the way they do things when problems arise
  • They underestimate problems

(-) Unhealthy

  • They turn a blind eye to problems that should be solved
  • They are lethargic and unmotivated to do anything
  • They cut off relationships and become lonely

Type 9 Wings

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9w1 The Dreamer

  • They are friendly and cheer people up
  • They are good at listening to people
  • They worry about their social status
  • They do various things half-heartedly
  • They have a strong desire to help people
  • They have an artistic flair
  • They do not like adventures and risks

9w8 The Comfort Seeker

  • They are perseverant and can tough things out
  • They are good at mediating and coordinating between people
  • They prefer to work in a team rather than alone
  • They are social and prefer to socialize
  • They like to work on new things
  • They do not like conflict
  • They are stubborn and sometimes do not listen to others

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Type 9
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Enneagram Types


Type 9 (The Peacemaker) - Hestia Type

The Enneagram 9 personality description shows that they are calm and thoughtful. Peace is very important to Type Nines. So, they should stay away from fights at all costs. These people are proud of making safe connections based on trust and togetherness.

People who are type 9 don't like it when their relationships are rocky. Even if they think the other person is wrong, they are kind and try to make them happy to keep the peace. This world is beautiful to Enneagram 9s, and conflicts can only make it bitter.

What is Enneagram 9 Personality type

Enneagram 9s are nice, gentle, and get along with others well. They want a peaceful life without arguments and fights with other people. They are the crown of the Enneagram model because they are humble and want peace more than anything else.

Now, many people use different personality tests to find out what kind of person they are. The RHETI, or Riso-Hudson Test Indicator, is a well-known example of this test. This test divides people into nine different types based on their personalities. The Enneagram personality types are what experts call these types.

Greek is where the word Enneagram comes from. The word Ennea means nine. Something that is drawn is called a "gramma." The nine personality types in the Enneagram are all related in some way. One way to show these connections is to draw them like a pattern or map.

This is why the name Enneagram is what it is. Every single personality type in the Enneagram has one basic fear and one basic drive. This fear and motivation control how each person with that personality type acts and what they are like.

In the article for today, we'll talk about the Enneagram 9 personality type.

The 9s on the Enneagram are often called the peacemakers by other people. People with an Enneagram type 9 personality are relaxed and humble. Most of the time, they are quiet and modest people.

At the same time, their personalities are often very charming. The main fear of an Enneagram 9 person is loss and separation. They worry they will lose their loved ones or be separated. They also worry about losing things that are important to them or that they love.

The main goal of an Enneagram 9 is to find inner stability. Most of the time, they care more about their peace of mind than anything else. But at their core, people with an Enneagram 9 want peace and harmony. They want to create peace in their neighborhood.

Type 9s also want to keep peace with themselves. Enneagram 9s want to stay out of fights with other people. But they also want to settle disagreements between other people. If an Enneagram 9 sees other people fighting, they feel a strong urge to step in and stop it.

People call the Enneagram 9s the peacemaker because of these things. But not all 9s on the Enneagram are like that. Mild-mannered 9s on the Enneagram are quiet and easy to avoid. In the worst cases, shy Enneagram 9s won't even talk to other people because they don't want to get into fights.

People often call people with an Enneagram 9 spiritual seekers. They often want a strong connection with the universe and other people. Enneagram 9s want to find peace of mind by helping to keep peace and harmony in the places they live and work.

Even so, Enneagram 9s don't lose touch with reality. They see things as they are. This kind of flexible way of thinking helps them get through tough times. Let's look at their ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Thinking pattern

Their whole way of thinking is based on the idea that no issue how bad things get, they will always try to stay calm and keep the peace around them.

Feeling pattern

People of type 9 have a good temper. They can change and care about others. Enneagram Type 9s care about how people feel in small ways. These feelings make a relationship safe, stable, and lasting. Even when things are hard, they stay calm and easygoing because they are even-tempered.

Action pattern

These people won't do anything when things are hard. They don't care about problems and prefer to take all the necessary steps to get through hard times with grace.

General traits of Enneagram 9

Enneagram 9s can sometimes hide away in their minds. They have a lot of emotional dreams. But if they realize they can't make these dreams come true, they act them out in their heads. From the outside, it might look like they are daydreaming.

But in reality, Enneagram 9s are smart enough to know what they can and cannot do in real life. If they still want something, they try to make it happen in their minds. Because of this, type 9s can sometimes be mistaken for types 2 or 4 by other people.

Now, let's think back to something we said at the beginning of this article. By drawing them like a map or diagram, you can show how the nine Enneagram personality types fit together. But this map or diagram needs to stay in the right shape. One can't just list the different types of personalities in any order.

Once this enneagram diagram is drawn correctly, type 9 will still be at the top. It looks like a crown on top of a person's head. Experts on the Enneagram call type 9s the "crown of the Enneagram" in a way that makes sense. But there's more to the reason than just this diagram.

Particular nine characteristics related to other enneagram kinds

Enneagram type 9 has many of the same traits as the other types. Let's look at what these things are like.

  • Like type 1s, Enneagram type 9s have a strong sense of what is correct and wrong.
  • Type 9s are kind and willing to hel li others. This is a trait that a lot of type 2s have.
  • Most people with an Enneagram 9 are very charming. They have their way of making it easy for others to like them. This is also a trait of Enneagram 3s.
  • Like Enneagram type 4s, type 9s have a strong creative side.
  • Type 9s are also very smart and intellectual. They are good at making logical decisions, not based on their feelings. This is another trait that type 5s are very good at.
  • Type 9s on the Enneagram are loyal and do what they should. They know how to work hard. This trait is the same as type 6s.
  • Type 9s are laid-back and like to have fun. They are adventurous and love to get an adrenaline rush. In this way, they are like type 7s.
  • Type 9s are also strong and brave, like type 8s.

So, it's clear that type 9s are, in every way, the "crown of the Enneagram."

What do Enneagram Type 9s hate?

Just as Enneagram type 9s like different things, they dislike different things. Let's look at some things that Enneagram 9s don't like or don't want to deal with in their everyday lives.

  • Conflict might be the thing that Enneagram 9s dislike the most. They don't want to get into any kind of fight. Not only that, but they also hate seeing people around them get into fights. They don't like it when people fight or disagree with each other.
  • Enneagram 9s hate passive-aggressive people. When there is a conflict, a type 9 can't rest until it has been solved.
  • When they go out of their approach to hel li someone and don't get any thanks or appreciation in return, it makes them angry.
  • 9s on the Enneagram hate being alone.
  • They don't like making a hard choice when they know it will hurt someone else. For example, an Enneagram 9 manager would have difficulty giving a subordinate employee a letter of termination at work.
  • Most people with an Enneagram 9 hate doing boring physical tasks.
  • 9s on the Enneagram hate dealing with stressful situations.
  • They don't like it when people boss them around or give them orders that don't make sense. When working on something, they hate being told what to do at every stage of the approach.
  • Types 9 on the Enneagram hate it when people tell them to work faster. They would rather take their own time with things.
  • They don't like to hold grudges or feel bad about other people.
  • They hate it when people criticize their work.
  • They hate being turned down no matter what.
  • They hate it when people don't care what they think about something.

The learning style of an Enneagram 9

Every kind of person has a different way of learning. In this section, let's talk about how Enneagram 9s learn.

  • Type 9s like to learn through immersion. They usually can't pay attention for long. So, their teachers need to find ways to kee li them interested.
  • Enneagram 9s like things to stay the same. So, they like it when their teachers stick to a good routine or schedule for teaching. A 9 can be thrown off by tests that come as a surprise. Even if they are good at a certain subject, they won't do well on a surprise test.
  • 9s on the Enneagram like to look at the big picture. So, when a teacher tells them about a small part of something, type 9 thinks about the whole thing.
  • Because they have trouble staying focused, they like to take short breaks between studying.
  • Type 9s like working in groups. But they hate getting into fights. They might even decide not to say what they think about something for fear of making trouble with others in the group.
  • They like places with little stress. They would rather have a friendly teacher than one who is strict.
  • In the classroom, they behave well. Often, they hel li out their friends.


In this article, we've talked about the Enneagram 9 personality type in a few words. Enneagram 9s are, in every way, the peacemakers. They like peace and want everyone to be happy and get along. The most common Enneagram type is 9, which makes up 16% of the population. Because of how they are as people, they like and dislike some strange things. As a result, this also changes the way they learn.

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