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Key Type 1 Characteristics

Ones are known as perfectionists and always take things seriously. Their strength is their ability to keep working hard and exercise self-discipline to achieve their goals. They have a strong sense of responsibility and justice, and are able to make fair and rational decisions, making them a reliable leader in situations where leadership is required. They are good planners and are good at doing things methodically. On the other hand, they are prone to nervousness and excessive perfectionism, which can be a pain to themselves and those around them. They are also strict regarding other people's mistakes because they expect high standards from others. They should be careful how they treat others so that they do not become isolated due to their self-righteous behavior.

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Type 1 Strengths and Weaknesses

TYPE-1 Strengths and Weaknesses

(+) Strengths

  • Have a strong sense of justice
  • Serious
  • Hardworking
  • Fair
  • Strong-willed
  • Self-disciplined
  • Good at organizing
  • Honest
  • Good at planning
  • Good at leading
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility
  • Rational
  • Calm
  • Methodical

(-) Weaknesses

  • Nervous
  • Self-righteous
  • Too much of a perfectionist
  • Jealous
  • Inflexible
  • Stubborn
  • Too caught up on details
  • Strict on time
  • Strict regarding people’s mistakes
  • Excessively assertive
  • Stubborn
  • Expect too much from others
  • Strict with manners
  • Think too much

Type 1 Careers

Type 1 Careers

(+) Suitable Work Style

  • Jobs that make the most of their meticulousness
  • Workplaces with strict rules and regulations
  • Workplaces with many people that they can respect
  • Workplaces where even the smallest details can be discussed and worked out
  • Work that lets them set lofty goals and work toward them

(+) Suitable Jobs

  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Consultant
  • Teacher
  • Manager
  • Politician
  • Tax Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Doctor
  • Journalist
  • Bank Clerk
  • Police Officer
  • Engineer
  • Accountant

(-) Unsuitable Work Style

  • Workplaces with vague rules
  • Workplaces where they are continuously required to do work that they struggle with
  • Jobs that do not let them take the time to complete their work perfectly
  • Jobs that require frequent changes in direction
  • Jobs that require creative ideas

(-) Unsuitable Jobs

  • Sales Associate
  • Content Creator
  • Salesperson
  • Event Promoter
  • Producer
  • Advertising Planner
  • Fashion Designer
  • Counselor
  • Comedian
  • Musician
  • Writer
  • Painter
  • Bartender
  • Tour Guide
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Type 1 Love

Type 1 Love
  • They express affection straightforwardly
  • They love earnestly and wholeheartedly
  • They expect their partner to be perfect
  • When choosing a partner, they focus on matching values
  • They endure unpleasant things, but explode when they cannot stand it anymore
  • They hide their flaws in order to leave a good impression
  • They inadvertently point out their partner’s faults and blame them

Type 1 Passions

Type 1 Passions


Ones seek perfection in themselves and others. They get angry at people who do not live up to their ideals,who are lazy,and who seem irresponsible. As their anger grows,so does their notion that only they can correct others’ wrong ways of life,and they start blaming others. But at the same time,they feel angry that they are not perfect when they are angry like that. When they feel trapped in anger,they should calm themselves down by looking objectively at their anger.

Type 1 Levels of Development

Type 1 Levels of Development

(+) Healthy

  • They are able to judge things objectively
  • They try to live wisely and rationally
  • They are ethical and responsible and lead by example

(±0) Average

  • They fear that others are indifferent to their ideals
  • They become more earnest and diligent
  • They resent others for not meeting their standards

(-) Unhealthy

  • They doubt that their ideals are correct
  • They are harsh and self-righteous with other people
  • They think that they are the only one who can fix what is wrong

Type 1 Wings

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1w2 The Lawyer

  • They strive to achieve their ideals
  • They have a compassionate heart and a high level of empathy
  • They are diplomatic and proactively try to get along with people
  • They are full of vitality and action
  • They make strong assertions and are persuasive in their speech
  • They take their annoyance out on others
  • Alone time is also important to them

1w9 The Idealist

  • They talk about their ideals
  • They are caring
  • They are not that fixated on doing things a certain way
  • They like to be alone
  • They keep calm and do not panic
  • They have great analytical skills
  • They are elitists

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Type 1
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Enneagram Types


Type 1 (The Reformer) - Athena Type

The Enneagram 1 personality description gives a clear and detailed look at type 1s and how they act daily. People with an Enneagram type 1 preference are idealists and perfectionists who lead the way. They hope for a good future for themselves and everyone else.

The goal of these people is to make the world a better place. They want to change the unfair way things are and give everyone the same rights. Enneagram 1s, in short, are idealists who want to make the future better for everyone. They are never lazy or unmotivated. Instead, they believe the only way to reach goals in life is through hard work and passion.

The Enneagram type 1 is a practical thinker. Their life is planned and organized very well. These people have a lot of determination and willpower. So, they have learned that life requires hard work and effort. Nothing is free; if you want to do big things, you must walk the path of perfection.

What is Enneagram 1 Personality Type

A person with an Enneagram 1 is self-disciplined, logical, objective, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. These people care less about their feelings and more about what makes sense. When making important life decisions, they use logic.

They are brave, sure of themselves, and careful. The work they do every day is clean and well-planned. People with an Enneagram 1 are stubborn and don't like to change. If something goes against their core beliefs, they might not accept it or try to change their mind.

They hate social drama because they can think and act logically. They don't like any kind of social niceties that can hide a person's true nature. Enneagram 1s like things that are real and clear.

They are realistic and make important decisions in life based on facts they can see and touch. One should always trust their gut and inner voice. They follow their instincts and think logically, which could make them act like nerds who don't feel anything.

Ones will always hold themselves to very high standards. They don't want to meet the standard. Because of this, they are careful not to mess up in life. Enneagram 1s fear being flawed. They will feel insecure and question their skills if things don't go as planned.

Either they will feel annoyed and angry inside, or they will show their dissatisfaction on the outside. Their ability to control their feelings is poor, which can also make them unpopular. Enneagram 1s are responsible; their work is always well thought out and organized.

These people also care about how they look. They will always do the right thing because if they don't, the fear of being criticized in public will keep them up at night. They are the people who changed how to live well. One is busy making things work better. Enneagram type 1 is honest and practical.

They hate things that aren't clear or have more than one meaning. These people think they are right all the time. This makes them a person who won't give up. They are less likely to hear the other side of the story, making it look like they make bad decisions.

Even when things are hard, they won't budge from their beliefs and values. Because of this personality flaw, they are hard to get along with. People who are less emotional and seem cold and far away think of them as logical nerds.

When a situation looks like it's getting out of hand, one seems angry and frustrated. They don't pay enough attention to their physical and emotional needs because they are too focused on perfection. Having more and more expectations of self and others drains their energy and takes away their inner joy and peace.

Thinking pattern

The Enneagram 1s aims for perfection. People like this tend to find flaws in everything and feel they must fix everything around them. With this goal in mind, they think logically and are ready to make changes. One is a deep thinker who likes to get into the details to find all the wrong things in the system and eliminate them.

Their thoughts are always talking to each other. So, they keep on thinking about how to make the world a better place so that it can be perfect. There are different ways to think. They look at every detail carefully, leaving no opportunity for errors and flaws. Different points of view will be put together to make it easy to choose an agenda and do the job well.

Feeling pattern

People with the Enneagram will always try to keep their feelings in check. Since they spend time thinking about the effects and results of their actions, they don't show strong emotions unless they are very stressed. They may have trouble expressing their anger and act annoyed when stressed.

Others may see them as identity and disciplined in how they show their emotions. Still, they feel overburdened by the negative emotions built up, trying to make them more intolerant and stifled. People with an Enneagram One can show how they feel in the world. Even if they clench their fists, they can't show how angry they are.

They may blush and feel shy if something makes them happy, but they won't say anything. They don't feel as much as others and sometimes seem cold and emotionless. As far as their angry reactions go, they might not get into verbal fights, but they will show hidden anger in other ways.

Action pattern

Enneagram 1s strive to be perfect. They have many different things they want to achieve and will work hard to get what they want. They are always on top of things and love to be ready before starting a new goal. They are self-disciplined people who dislike wasting time and would rather act on ideas than just think about them.

Their work is perfect and can't be beaten. They never give up on things that are important to them. More importantly, they like to work in places where the rules and procedures are already set. They believe that what you do speaks louder than what you say.

What are the best words to describe Enneagram 1?

The best way to describe an Enneagram type one is with the following words:

  • Self-assured and confident
  • Reasonable and logical
  • Crusaders for reformation and change
  • Straight talkers
  • Self-controlled
  • Always seeks to improve
  • Resentful
  • Self-critical
  • imposes high standards
  • Less emotional
  • Easily annoyed and angry
  • Obedient
  • Fair and right
  • Judgmental
  • Opinionated
  • precise and detail-oriented

What does Enneagram 1 hate?

If you are an Enneagram 1, the following things will make you feel stifled and stuck.

  • Enneagram 1s are against being lazy in every way. They don't like being around people who always talk about concepts but never do anything to make them happen.
  • Enneagram 1s don't like it when others cheat or treat them unfairly.
  • They hate when people don't act responsibly.
  • They hate being dishonest and mean.
  • Uncertainty and not knowing what will happen bothers them a lot.
  • If they think they aren't doing enough with their lives or aren't doing enough work, they will start to be hard on themselves sooner.
  • They hate people who can't kee li track of time. They don't like people who don't do things and make decisions quickly and on time.
  • They feel better when they do things they enjoy. So, they'd hate it if they couldn't have "me time" at work or home.
  • Idealists, in the truest sense of the word, hate being wrong and making mistakes.

The Learning style linked to Enneagram 1.

Enneagram 1s are talented and good at many things. They are the most productive people with the right values to help them reach their goals in life. They are self-directed learners but will always be open to new ideas and different points of view.

  • They like to learn more about a subject by going in-depth.
  • Enneagram 1s will use logic and reason to understand what they have learned.
  • They like learning one-on-one because they can set u li their learning environment in the best way possible.
  • Enneagram 1s will feel bad if others try to cut them off or ignore what they say. So, they like to study alone instead of in a group.
  • They are very independent, so they prefer to show that their opinions are as right as possible when learning.
  • Because they tend to be rational and objective, Enneagram 1s like to learn through conceptual and analytical means.
  • Because they can pay more attention, they can remember things better.
  • Enneagram 1s will always feel lucky when they can use what they already know to hel li them understand something new.
  • Most of the time, they do well in school subjects that use facts and concrete ideas.
  • Enneagram 1s are observers. They can easily pick u li from what they see and understand in the world around them. So, we can say that they learn in useful ways.
  • As they continue to prove what they have learned, it's fun to learn by doing.
  • The best way for these people to learn is in a structured learning environment with clear rules and a good curriculum. They don't like ambiguity or being vague and can't do well in a messy learning environment.
  • They like to kee li and update a planner based on what they need to learn.
  • Enneagram 1 people are smart in school. You will see them taking on new challenges before their teachers.
  • These people are independent thinkers who prefer to study independently instead of getting teachers' help.
  • They like learning environments set u li in a step-by-ste li way so they can learn the best way.


In the end, we can say that people with an Enneagram 1 are organized and work hard. They won't make any mistakes as long as they live according to their values. Even if they do something wrong, they will attempt to correct it as best they can.

They build their lives on honesty, perfection, and doing what is right. Excellence and success are at the heart of who they are. Enneagram Ones are in charge of the decisions they make. These people are trying to fix the world to make it as useful and perfect as possible.

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