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Key Type 8 Characteristics

Eights are also known as challengers and are energetic and good leaders. They have a strong sense of justice and are good at taking care of others, so many people see them as reliable and rely on them. They are able to assert their opinion without fear, and rather than avoiding confrontation with others, they value clearly communicating their beliefs and thoughts. Another characteristic of Eights is that they hate useless processes and pursue methods to produce results efficiently. They value facts and logic over intuition and emotion. Because they tend to take command, they may be seen as dominant by those around them. They should be careful not to be too self-centered as they are stubborn and opinionated.

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Type 8 Strengths and Weaknesses

TYPE-8 Strengths and Weaknesses

(+) Strengths

  • Energetic
  • Sincere
  • Side with the weak
  • Have a strong sense of justice
  • Brave
  • Caring
  • Confident
  • Honest
  • Good at leading
  • Responsible
  • Good at competing
  • Can assert themselves
  • Fearless
  • Decisive

(-) Weaknesses

  • Self-centered
  • Stubborn
  • Insensitive
  • Arrogant
  • Aggressive
  • Assertive
  • Have many enemies
  • Show no weakness
  • Highly suspicious of others
  • Want to take command
  • Break the rules
  • Judges others’ mistakes harshly
  • Vulnerable to temptation
  • Intimidating

Type 8 Careers

Type 8 Careers

(+) Suitable Work Style

  • Workplaces that demand challenges
  • Jobs that require leadership
  • Jobs that require bold decisions and swift action
  • Competitive environments
  • Jobs that allow them to pursue lofty goals

(+) Suitable Jobs

  • President
  • Sports Coach
  • Project Manager
  • Salesperson
  • Lawyer
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Soldier
  • Politician
  • Athlete
  • Financial Advisor
  • Investor
  • Police Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Entrepreneur

(-) Unsuitable Work Style

  • Workplaces that do not require them to take on challenges
  • Workplaces where they cannot express their opinions freely
  • Jobs that restrict their ability to act autonomously
  • Jobs that require them to follow set rules and instructions
  • Workplaces with strict hierarchies

(-) Unsuitable Jobs

  • Secretary
  • Call Center Agent
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Receptionist
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Librarian
  • Factory Worker
  • Researcher
  • Delivery Driver
  • Truck Driver
  • Cleaner
  • Waitstaff
  • Clerk
  • Programmer
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Type 8 Love

Type 8 Love
  • They love exciting romances
  • They proactively approach people that they are interested in
  • They say what they think
  • They want to be in control in their relationships
  • They dislike being tied down
  • They have a strong desire to protect their loved ones
  • They dislike keeping secrets and want there to be no secrets in the relationship

Type 8 Passions

Type 8 Passions


Eights seek intense experiences at all times. They want heated debates rather than ordinary discussions,and competitions rather than getting along. They tend to assert their opinions strongly and take a defiant attitude toward those around them. They may act too self-centered and drive people away from them. Good relationships cannot be built unless they show a cooperative and flexible attitude,so it would be good for them to be more relaxed and considerate of other people and treat them kindly.

Type 8 Levels of Development

Type 8 Levels of Development

(+) Healthy

  • They act energetically
  • They love new challenges
  • They carry out their plans with confidence

(±0) Average

  • They become more competitive
  • They brazenly praise their own actions
  • They worry that they do not have the support of others

(-) Unhealthy

  • They fear being betrayed by others
  • They are aggressive toward people who pose a threat to them
  • They lose trust in people

Type 8 Wings

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8w7 The Independent

  • They can think on their feet
  • They are charismatic
  • They do not care what other people think of them
  • They are very independent
  • They prefer risky challenges
  • They like competition and are not afraid to compete with others
  • They are sociable and talkative

8w9 The Bear

  • They are family-oriented and have a strong desire to protect others
  • They are good leaders
  • They are solid and down to earth
  • They do not get angry very much, but when they get angry, they are scary
  • They are tolerant
  • They have a strict side and an affectionate side
  • They speak slowly

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Type 8
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Enneagram Types


Type 8 (The Challenger) - Zeus Type

They love being in charge and helping other people reach their goals. Their strong personalities make it impossible for them to be upset by anything. These people like to keep themselves safe from all kinds of dangers. Enneagram Eights always feel like they need to be in charge of everything.

They have a huge amount of energy and willpower. People with these personalities feel the most at ease when they apply these skills in leadership roles. Eights use their high energy levels to take care of many different tasks.

They can help make changes that will be good for the environment. They want to leave a big impression on the world. These people also do their best to avoid getting hurt by other people and the environment. People with an Enneagram type 8 personality ensure their loved ones are safe and not hurt.

Enneagram 8 Personality Description

Type 8 on the Enneagram is someone who loves to face challenges. They have a strong presence, are very proud of having a sharp mind, and are free to do their jobs as they see fit. These people keep their heads up and find a method to get back on their feet. It helps them get better and stronger than they have ever been.

The healthy type of Enneagram Eight has a lot of ideas, especially for people who can't use their rights in life. They are strong in character and confident in their ability to lead, which makes them a driving force in their communities. These people use their energy and a strong commitment to creating the world a better location.

People with an Enneagram 8 personality show love and benevolence to their family and friends. Not-so-healthy Eights can be very scary. When they first meet someone, these people can scare them away. They are very hooked on getting more power in life.

People like these don't care about or pay attention to the feelings of others. When their need to be in charge gets out of hand, these Challengers act coldly and soon become hostile. Healthy Eights should consider the steps they must take to grow and improve.

Action Pattern

Enneagram 8 personality types are right in the middle of the Enneagram, which helps them take the right actions. They like to go with their gut and make things happen however they want. Because of this, these people make sure that their actions affect others.

Eights find it easy to change the world around them. They think that doing anything is much better than doing nothing. People think they have an honest and strong desire to protect and lead others to safety.

They also show up in the way people talk, the words they choose, how they make decisions, and how they carry themselves. Enneagram Eights are sure of their freedom to express themselves and want to do the correct things.

These people would never show that they want to work together out of a sense of duty. An Eight has to stay in charge no matter what. They don't just want to take care of the big picture; they also want to manage the details well.

Thinking Pattern

People with an Enneagram eight personality love to think about how strong or weak other people are. They will treat them the way they should. It could make them angry or frustrated, especially if they are judged based on their all-or-nothing approach and how closely they pay attention to others.

Eights like to keep things clear and always look for the truth. If there were any confusion in the process, these people would be annoyed. These people don't mind if the truth doesn't come out until something goes wrong because they like to know what's happening and would hate not to know anything.

The easier it will be for Eights to see the bigger picture, the more these people know how things are going with fresh updates and other relevant information. They will always try to stay away from getting involved in small details. People like these always think about the big picture. So, they will keep focusing on gathering useful information.

People with Type Eight tend to think more about their goals and needs than others. They won't like it if someone tries to force them to do something they don't require or bribes them. These people will do things that don't make sense, even when nothing is happening and nothing is important.

Feeling Pattern

Enneagram 8s always want things to work out the way they want. Right people expect everything to go how they want it to. In real life, no one can imagine things turning out exactly the way they want. People are bound to be disappointed occasionally when their wishes don't come true.

Most people accept reality and move on with their lives, but people with an Enneagram type 8 start to feel irritated and angry. They want to use this anger to get things done right away. After letting out their anger, Eights feel better.

Emotions like sadness and a basic fear of losing their independence make these people always feel weak and vulnerable. Challengers never want to look weak in front of other people. So, they use denial to protect themselves so they don't look weak or vulnerable.

Some people know when these feelings happen, but they still won't show the same feelings to others. When Eights know they are safe, they will show the softer side of their personality. They act the same way when they know others won't exploit it. These people will use strength and safety when it involves demonstrating their love.

What do Enneagram Type 8s hate?

The Enneagram 8 personality description isn't complete until you know everything these people hate. People with eight personality types are brave and full of life, so they can make the most of the chances that come their way.

People know them to be independent and determined in what they do. They crave independence every time, enjoying and rescuing lives from adversities. Even though Eights have a lot of good things about them, there are still many things they hate to deal with in life.

  • Enneagram 8s are highly independent. Because of this, these people hate being in situations where they depend on others.
  • People with these personalities hate it when they have to follow other people's directions to reach their goals.
  • They like making decisions that make sense to them. So, they hate getting advice from other people.
  • These people love taking their time while getting things done. So, they don't like to put too much stress on themselves.
  • Eights have a simple way of doing things. Because of this, it's hard for them to say what they think when they have to be nice about it first.
  • They don't like to waste their time and energy.
  • The Enneagram 8 personality types don't like doing work that doesn't have a point.
  • These people don't like sticking to unfair ways of doing things.
  • Since they deal with life's different responsibilities logically, they hate being around people who are too sensitive.
  • People with an Enneagram 8 personality type hate it when others betray them.
  • Eights can't handle any kind of manipulation in their personal or professional lives because they are so honest.
  • These people hate being in situations where they can't spend enough time alone.
  • They don't want to live a boring life.
  • An Enneagram Eight doesn't like to hang out with people who lie about who they are.

The learning style of an Enneagram 8

One of the most crucial parts of this enneagram eight personality description is to know how they learn. We all know that people with an Enneagram 8 have lively personalities. They show this kind of flexibility in how they handle their different responsibilities. It helps you take charge of situations and help people not used to being in charge stand independently.

They straightforwardly talk to each other. Eights are also harsh, with a total focus on honesty and truthfulness. When they say what they think, it's a fact. People like this will never say things based on what they think. These people will hate it when they can't say what they think when the class talks about something.

  • People with an Enneagram 8 personality type love to learn independently with less supervision.
  • They like to talk about things in class, especially in debates. It makes them happy to talk with other people and share ideas.
  • These people would rather spend their time on practical applications than learning theories.
  • Eight-year-olds don't want to follow the rules and regulations in their classrooms at all. They see them as things that make them less independent.
  • When they see rules and regulations throughout their learning environment that aren't fair, these eighth graders don't hesitate to question them.
  • These Enneagram 8 personality types are always pushing themselves to find out more and learn new things.
  • The learning process and where it takes place need to be intense. These things will hel li eights feel more alive.
  • When an Enneagram 8 faces challenges and understands a few ideas, they get more energy.
  • The best classroom for these people is one in which they can be in charge, feel confident, and see where they want to be in the future.
  • Fair rules and regulations must be in place in the classroom.


Enneagram 8s are sure of themselves and know how to manage things. They take the initiative to lead and set a good example for others. These people work hard to improve their lives and those around them.

When they see people who don't stand up for their rights, eights are even more determined to stand with them. Their main goal is to be truthful and live a truthful life. They never hold back from telling the truth, no matter how challenging it might be for others to understand.

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