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Key Type 6 Characteristics

Sixes are also known as loyalists and tend to value stability and safety. They are sensitive to anticipated risks and problems and are good at taking preventative measures. They value roles and rules within an organization and strive to fulfill their responsibilities as a member. They prefer working with trusted companions or teams rather than working alone. Their outstanding loyalty and caring nature are appreciated by many people, and they are relied on by those around them. They are also good at calmly analyzing situations and information, and they are able to choose a safe and rational path. On the other hand, they tend to think too much and act slowly. They are not leaders but are the type to follow others, so they are not good at taking the initiative.

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Type 6 Strengths and Weaknesses

TYPE-6 Strengths and Weaknesses

(+) Strengths

  • Faithful
  • Responsible
  • Follow the rules
  • Tenacious
  • Caring
  • Logical
  • Humorous
  • Think deeply
  • Insightful
  • Compassionate
  • Sincere
  • Devoted
  • Hardworking
  • Very cooperative

(-) Weaknesses

  • Meddlesome
  • Unable to act on their own will
  • Unable to take action
  • Overly cautious
  • Depend on people
  • Emotionally unstable
  • Not good at leading
  • Poor at self-expression
  • Skeptical
  • Indecisive
  • A strong desire for stability
  • Paranoid
  • Negative thinking
  • Stubborn

Type 6 Careers

Type 6 Careers

(+) Suitable Work Style

  • Workplaces where the management is stable and long-term employment can be expected
  • Workplaces that emphasize teamwork
  • Jobs with clear rules and guidelines
  • Job focused on supporting someone
  • Jobs that involve performing detailed analysis and research

(+) Suitable Jobs

  • Civil Servant
  • Secretary
  • Accountant
  • Teacher
  • Pharmacist
  • Security Guard
  • Bank Clerk
  • Police Officer
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Counselor
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Manager
  • Paralegal

(-) Unsuitable Work Style

  • Workplaces without clear instructions
  • Workplaces that require them to work independently
  • Jobs that focus on working alone and do not allow them to receive support from others
  • Jobs that require high-risk decisions
  • Workplaces where organizational stability and long-term visions are unclear

(-) Unsuitable Jobs

  • Entrepreneur
  • Journalist
  • Trader
  • Programmer
  • Recruiter
  • Pilot
  • Actor/Actress
  • Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Stockbroker
  • Salesperson
  • School Principal
  • Adventurer
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Type 6 Love

Type 6 Love
  • They prefer their partner to take the lead
  • Relationships with them last for a long time
  • They are easily influenced by their partner’s interests and preferences
  • They tend to feel insecure about their partner's words and actions
  • They come to trust their partner over time
  • They are not good at expressing their feelings and often never progress beyond unrequited love
  • They prefer stable relationships over stimulating and passionate relationships

Type 6 Passions

Type 6 Passions


Sixes are highly stability-oriented and have an extreme fear of risk. They have a vague sense of uneasiness about what will happen in the future. They also want to be protected by those who protect them. Because they do not have the confidence to think for themselves,they cannot act without someone's instructions. They also think too much that they have to meet the expectations of many people. They should realize that they do not need to worry or feel burdened excessively and have the courage to move forward.

Type 6 Levels of Development

Type 6 Levels of Development

(+) Healthy

  • They become less dependent on others and braver
  • They attract people who behave in a trustworthy manner
  • They work seriously with strong self-discipline

(±0) Average

  • They need help from others
  • They want to escape from pressure
  • They feel that their sincerity is not being conveyed to others

(-) Unhealthy

  • They lose confidence in themselves
  • They become mentally unstable
  • They feel guilty about what they have done and spiral into a self-loathing mindset

Type 6 Wings

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6w5 The Defender

  • They excel at problem-solving
  • They do not ask people for help
  • They are responsive to criticism from others
  • They have a strong interest in politics and social service
  • They are diligent and good at working on something to make steady progress
  • They prefer to act alone
  • They often have a high level of expertise

6w7 The Buddy

  • They are charming and interesting to talk to
  • They have a strong sense of responsibility
  • They do not like formal topics
  • They have a strong desire to be liked by others
  • They are vulnerable to temptation
  • They get along well with others
  • They have a good sense of humor

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Type 6
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Enneagram Types


Type 6 (The Loyalist) - Demeter Type

Enneagram 6 says that people with this personality type are loyal, honest, responsible, and hard-working. These people are psychological and use their intelligence and intuition to understand the world. People like these love to be part of groups and leave their mark.

Nothing is more important to them than staying true to their beliefs and keeping in touch with their friends. They are even willing to argue with people who don't agree with them. Enneagram type 6s will do almost anything to keep their values and beliefs. Aside from that, these people will always fight harder for their friends and family than for themselves.

What is Enneagram 6 Personality Type

They do this because they fear the threat that things might not go as planned. These people always look for hazards and use their defense, like a fight or friends, to deal with their fear and anxiety. As part of this enneagram six personality description, it's important to remember that this personality type can be both healthy and unhealthy.

Sixes of the healthy type show that they care about others and are kind to them. They use logic to figure out what's happening and put their loved ones in a stronger position. These people have many good qualities. They work hard to improve their skills while caring for their many professional responsibilities.

Healthy 6s know how to deal with things and calm down when things get stressful. They can form strong bonds with others and trust them easily. Sixes who don't take care of themselves live in fear. They are suspicious of everything and everyone around them.

Thinking Pattern

The Enneagram 6 personality description also talks about how these people always try to solve their and their loved one's problems. At the same time, these people can see problems that might come up in the future and take steps to stop them from getting in the way of their progress in life.

So, they do solve problems. When Sixes want to avoid problems, they can easily apply themselves analytically to possible threats and risk factors. It also helps these people stay aware of their surroundings and watch for possible problems and hard situations.

Sixes know how to fix and stop problems. Even though they are, these people might not trust solutions that look very simple. This pattern, in which confusion rules the day for an Enneagram 6, can lead to many problems that must be solved before a person in a managerial position can do their job well.

Enneagram type 6s are very aware of how their thoughts work. Even though they expect people in power to help and protect them, they also worry that the same people will leave them alone, betray them, or let them down.

Feeling Pattern

When people with an Enneagram 6 personality type think about their feelings and thoughts, they can easily think of anxious feelings. They always encourage them to reflect on the bad things that happen every day. These feelings could be anything from worry and unease to panic, fear, and dread.

Sixes tend to be emotionally reactive, making it easy to feel everything immediately. They will even think about their worries and fears again over time. Even though Sixes show happiness when things go as planned, they don't spend much time thinking about the good things in their lives.

So, they will quickly turn their attention to the bad things around them. These people will always worry that they might get into hard situations that will hurt their lives. Because of this, there is a good chance they won't reach their goals in life.

This part of the Enneagram six descriptions also says that Sixes tend to project their feelings onto others without doing interesting tests. Enneagram 6 people tend to show their thoughts, feelings, fears, and hopes to others to deal with their anxiety. So, they cancel out the effect they have on them.

Because they have doubts, these people often try to stop others and make them prove something. They can't seem to get along with anyone but their closest friends and family. They get ready to do anything for them and protect themselves from all kinds of danger.

Action Pattern

The Enneagram 6 action pattern shows up in a couple of different ways. There are Phobic and Counter-Phobic among them. If their behavior is like the Phobic Six, these people will likely be cautious and slow to act. These people will always try to avoid scary situations and protect themselves from things going wrong.

Even Sixes can act in the same way as Counter Phobic ones. In this scenario, these people try to deal with their anxiety by putting themselves in hard situations. Most of these Enneagram 6s are somewhere in the middle. They will keep moving between these tendencies based on their lives and situations.

Most Sixes act in some way that could be considered risky. It lets them show themselves and others that they have nothing to fear. The behavior patterns could be anything from showing courage through words to participating in dangerous activities. Sixes with strong counterphobic patterns may do these things more often than those of the phobic type.

People know Sixes for their ability to stick to their responsibilities and give them their full attention. All of these people take their jobs very seriously. So, they will work hard and show courage and loyalty by giving their all to the job.

What do Enneagram Type 6s hate?

Enneagram type 6 people think having support and encouragement from their loved ones is the best way to live. So, they always try to keep them safe and out of harm's way. These people love it when they can hang out with people like them.

So, they don't have many friends. They tend to think a lot about the future and try to guess what problems might arise. They then take steps to make sure those problems don't get in the way of their lives.

On the one hand, this is a unique trait for an Enneagram 6, but on the other hand, it causes them to worry about things they don't need to. They would hate not having anyone to help them figure out what to do with their lives. Now, let's talk briefly about some of the things Enneagram 6 hates.

  • Enneagram 6s do not like being lazy. So, they hate being around lazy people.
  • Sixes put all of their attention on meeting their personal and professional obligations. So, they can't stand it when other people don't act responsibly. It makes them mad.
  • These people hate everything that isn't fair. Sixes are trustworthy and truthful, so they want others to be the same.
  • People with an Enneagram 6 personality type hate having negative thoughts that make them feel like they won't be able to do their jobs.
  • Because they are always on time, Sixes hate being around people who are always late.
  • They hate it when they can't get enough time alone to relax.
  • These Sixes hate it when people try to show off how powerful they are.
  • People with this enneagram type always want to express their thoughts and feelings clearly. Because of this, they would hate keeping their anger in for a long time.
  • They get angry and hate people who don't appreciate it when Enneagram 6 helps them.
  • Even when they feel like they're not good enough, sixes don't like it.
  • These people like to do only one thing at a time. They don't like it when people give them too many things to do.

The Learning Style of Enneagram Type 6

Enneagram 6s are always looking for ways to learn new skills, improve the ones they already have, and use those skills to do their jobs well. They try to learn things with a small group of people they can trust. These people don't always like having a lot of people around them.

Sixes like to hang out with a small group of close friends and companions who think like them and want to protect others from problems. As they learn, they will put the material, the teacher, and their classmates to the test by asking them questions one after the other.

  • Most people with an Enneagram 6 personality type love being in an open environment where everyone has the same chances to learn and grow. They must be open to both sides, asking questions and getting answers.
  • These people love putting theories and ideas to the test in real life, analyzing different situations, and reading information with a skeptical eye. Those who teach Sixes must make sure that they are safe and sound. They should show the same respect by giving them the tools to predict and slowly bring about change.
  • Teachers should also give them the right structure and framework and a list of rules, routines, and instructions. These specifics will hel li Sixes feel at ease and learn quickly.
  • People with this kind of Enneagram would require constant support and reassurance from their principles to create trust and belief in themselves. They would gain the ability to learn new skills and get good at them.
  • They are good team players because they have a sense of duty and loyalty. Most of the time, they like to learn in a grou li setting.


We talk in-depth about different parts of the enneagram 6 personality profile. We can say that people with an Enneagram 6 are proactive. They keep looking around to see if there are any problems or threats that could slow them down. People like these think that the world is a dangerous place. So, the six personality types in the Enneagram are taking measures to safeguard themselves from potential disasters before they cause trouble.

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