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Key Type 7 Characteristics

Sevens are also known as optimists. They hate boredom and seek out new experiences and fun. They enjoy interacting with friends and acquaintances very much and are good at livening up the atmosphere with a variety of topics. Those around them see them as energetic and positive. Being curious and having many hobbies is also a characteristic of Sevens. To them, intuition is more important than numbers and data. They are flexible thinkers and able to adapt smoothly to new environments. They are not good at self-discipline or concentrating and working seriously. They also have a habit of running away from negative emotions and problems that need to be solved. They see action as more important than thinking, so they need to be careful not to make too many mistakes due to acting randomly.

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Type 7 Strengths and Weaknesses

TYPE-7 Strengths and Weaknesses

(+) Strengths

  • Optimistic
  • Cheerful
  • Have the power to take action
  • Independent
  • Romantic
  • Good at livening up the atmosphere
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Positive thinking
  • Good planners
  • Full of curiosity
  • Competitive
  • Genuine

(-) Weaknesses

  • Get bored easily
  • Hate rules
  • Do not think deeply
  • Irresponsible
  • Sloppy
  • Easily distracted
  • Undisciplined
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Impulsive
  • Uncoordinated
  • Narcissistic
  • Tend to escape from reality
  • Go easy on themselves
  • Addicted to stimulation

Type 7 Careers

Type 7 Careers

(+) Suitable Work Style

  • Jobs that require new ideas
  • Jobs centered on going out and fieldwork
  • Jobs that require a lot of communication
  • Environments with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow
  • Workplaces with no strict rules and regulations

(+) Suitable Jobs

  • Event Planner
  • Advertising Agency Employee
  • Music Producer
  • Salesperson
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Actor/Actress
  • Comedian
  • Musician
  • Entrepreneur
  • TV Personality
  • Fashion Designer
  • Sports Instructor
  • Game Designer

(-) Unsuitable Work Style

  • Jobs centered on monotonous routine work
  • Workplaces that do not require new ideas or change
  • Jobs that require long hours of desk work
  • Jobs where one cannot expect to produce results in a short period of time
  • Workplaces with strict rules and regulations

(-) Unsuitable Jobs

  • Clerk
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Accountant
  • Researcher
  • Auditor
  • Doctor
  • Librarian
  • Secretary
  • Actuary
  • Tax Accountant
  • Security Guard
  • Paralegal
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Lawyer
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Type 7 Love

Type 7 Love
  • They choose new experiences when going on dates or traveling
  • They like exciting and passionate romance
  • They proactively approach people they are interested in
  • Even if they have a partner, they tend to look at other people of the opposite sex
  • They find the good side of their partner and praise them often
  • They dislike being tied down
  • They prefer falling in love rather than being loved by their partner

Type 7 Passions

Type 7 Passions


Sevens are always looking for new stimuli and hedonistic experiences. Their voracious desire for more never goes away and keeps them feeling unsatisfied. By prioritizing pleasant things and putting off unpleasant things,they tend to escape from negative feelings within themselves. They tend to repeat the same mistakes because they do not look back on past events and problems. Sometimes,by facing things carefully and introspecting,they may gain new realizations and access to new worlds.

Type 7 Levels of Development

Type 7 Levels of Development

(+) Healthy

  • They are full of joy and gratitude for life
  • They are diplomatic and involved with many people
  • They look at things optimistically

(±0) Average

  • They think that there might be better experiences or things out there
  • They feel bored and increasingly frustrated with everyday life
  • They are self-centered and impatient

(-) Unhealthy

  • They act impulsively and irresponsibly
  • They become mentally unstable and act recklessly
  • They do many things but are unable to feel joy

Type 7 Wings

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7w6 The Entertainer

  • They are cheerful and cheer up people around them
  • They love new challenges
  • They are full of curiosity
  • They have a sense of humor
  • They are optimistic and positive
  • They get bored easily and find it difficult to follow through
  • They are well-suited for the world of entertainment

7w8 The Realist

  • They are good at thinking strategically
  • Many of them achieve social success
  • They are good at multitasking
  • They work hard to get what you want
  • They are self-assertive
  • They work on things speedily
  • They are prone to being workaholics

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Type 7
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Enneagram Types


Type 7 (The Enthusiast) - Hermes Type

The Enneagram 7 personality description says that these people are outgoing, excited about life, and full of energy. People like these think that this world is a place where they can do exciting things. They try to stay alive to see the exciting future for them.

Sevens like to have fun, make other people laugh and turn problems into opportunities. People with an Enneagram 7 personality type often encourage others to take advantage of all life offers. At the same time, they find it hard to accept the parts of life that hurt and make them feel bad. Everyone has their share of good times and hard times.

Still, Enneagram 7s are always happy, even if they must be practical to look forward to interesting things. Their ability to act on impulse and with courage doesn't let them accept that they can't be as curious as they want. They are always ready to take the next step to get what they want.

Enneagram 7 Personality Description

Type 7s on the Enneagram always trust other people's good feelings and ideas. They love telling people to try new things and follow their dreams, just like they do. Still, their constant need to be stimulated can often lead them to eat too much.

They can't even accept that they have flaws. The Enneagram group for Sevens is called "The Head Triad." Enneagram Types 5 and 6 are also part of the group. Enneagram 5s stay in their heads to watch the world from afar.

Sixes use their smarts to look around and prepare for any possible danger. Sevens who are in good health can easily make connections between the things they know and the things that interest them.

Unhealthy Sevens are self-centered and very critical of things that don't make sense to them. They tend to get annoyed and upset over small problems with other people, making everything seem pointless suddenly.

Thinking Pattern

People with an Enneagram 7 personality type are always full of energy. They keep themselves busy by always doing something and having a positive outlook on the future. These people can't stop wanting to learn new things and try new things so they can know everything the world has to offer.

Sevens are ready to hide their pain and overcome their fears of enjoying good things. When figuring out the enneagram seven personality description, it's important to consider how the person thinks. People with one of the seven enneagram personality types have a busy mind that moves easily from one thought to the next and from one idea to the next.

These people want to put all their energy into things that interest them and move quickly when stimulated. So, a Seven's way of thinking is a mix of fast processing of thoughts and a strong need for mental stimulation.

They want to know what other people think and don't like it when they feel they won't have many options. Right now, the most important thing for them is to say and do what they want because of how they think. People with an Enneagram 7 can learn a lot about many different things.

Because they know many different things and can put them together in useful ways, this generalist knowledge can help foster creativity and innovation. An Enneagram 7 gets a lot of energy from being able to come up with and share a lot of ideas with other people. When they get new knowledge, they will quickly process it and figure out how to use it. They will also learn by doing.

Feeling Pattern

The second part of the enneagram seven personality descriptions that needs to be considered is how they feel. Now it's time to talk about how people with an Enneagram 7 personality feel and think. These people find it easy to connect with the good parts of their emotional side.

Their expression will be exceedingly upbeat and carry a lot of energy. People will see people with an Enneagram 7 as optimistic, happy, and full of energy. When a seven can recognize unwelcome or bad feelings like boredom, anxiety, sadness, or fear, they respond by thinking about plans and possibilities for the future.

It keeps them from being uncomfortable. These people are very good at reinterpreting bad situations to turn them into good options or learning situations. This thinking can make it hard for an Enneagram 7 to take full responsibility when something goes wrong. It also helps them get on the right track.

Sevens on the Enneagram don't like it when people doubt their skills. They can come true at any point in their lives if that happens. When things get tense, they will probably work hard to change their focus to something more positive and relaxing. Even telling jokes isn't enough to make these people feel better. It allows them to keep things under control and teaches positivism in them.

Action Pattern

Lastly, the description of an Enneagram 7 person would be incomplete if we didn't talk about how they act. A person with an Enneagram 7 personality type likes to have different things going on in their life because doing the same thing repeatedly can make them bored.

Focusing on the wide range can make them stop what they're doing and look for something more interesting. People like these want to get ahead in life. So, they act quickly to ensure things go in the right direction. Sevens love the rush of adrenaline they get from being excited and looking for something new.

When stressed, these people will try to do more than they should. They will switch between several plans at once and may try to do more than they should. It's not just because they have busy minds. Their bodies are both busy.

Because an enneagram seven is full of energy, their body language might seem like they are always moving from one place to another. People may feel restless, but that's not the case. Sevens can't pay attention to one thing or stay still for a long time.

What do 7s on the Enneagram hate?

We all know that a person with an Enneagram 7 likes to have fun and is very charming. They give people the impression that they don't care about anything in this world and love living life their way. The truth is that there is more to a person than what meets the eye.

Their creative and inquisitive natures can hide the inner turmoil that keeps them from being at peace. Even though Sevens seek out lessons from the different things they do, they won't be able to keep their attention on learning for long.

They will have to talk about the things that interest them. If you don't, they will get bored and feel down. Now, let's talk briefly about some of the things Enneagram 7 hates.

  • Enneagram 7s love being on their own. Because of this, these people hate it when they don't have enough freedom to live a happy life.
  • People who tend to stick close to others are hard for these people to deal with.
  • A person with an Enneagram 7 has a positive outlook on life and acts hopefully. So, they hate being around people who are always complaining.
  • This type of Enneagram person hates not having enough time to do what they want.
  • Sevens don't like to do things half-heartedly. So, when these people take on a task, they finish it before moving to the next one.
  • They hate when a relationshi li makes them feel trapped. This enneagram personality type constantly seeks their partner to share their energy and positive outlook.
  • These people would hate it if they couldn't attend new and fun events with their partners.
  • Enneagram 7s won't want to be with partners with whom they can't make long-term plans.

The Learning Style of Enneagram 7

People with Enneagram number 7 have a lot of energy and look on the bright side of life. They love finding out new things from many different places. Even after a long day of work, these people's minds are still buzzing because they like to try out new ideas. These people try to stay away from bad things.

They would rather only think about the good things life offers. It even shows in the way they learn. Sevens like to learn about new things and pay extra attention to those that spark their interest. So it becomes easier for them to understand what they learn.

  • As extroverts, Enneagram 7s have lively personalities and hel li make their classrooms feel good.
  • They focus on discovering new things and learning as they do so.
  • These people love to talk to other people and share and talk about their thoughts and ideas.
  • Their ability to adapt to changes and learn new things quickly is helped because they like to do those things.
  • Individuals with the seven enneagram personality types do best when they can utilize their thoughts to explore and experiment.
  • They can jum li right into the middle of things without knowing what's happening in the bigger picture. These people pay attention to their jobs, use methods that work for them, and do the best job they can.
  • When a guide or teacher shares different ideas with an Enneagram 7 during the teaching process, they can easily see how they all fit together. So, they make learning and understanding hard topics easier for them.
  • These people like it when the teaching process goes quickly, and they can talk to their teachers and classmates all the time.
  • They want to be able to do whatever they want in the classroom.


People with Enneagram number 7 are optimistic and must live life to the fullest and avoid pain. These people put a lot of value on their sense of freedom and take advantage of opportunities when they come up. They see life as an adventure and like being flexible and able to act on the spot.

When Enneagram 7s are nutritious or doing well, others will see them as happy and calm. They grow increasingly sober and aware of themselves, their surroundings, and the people in them. People with this personality type love to talk about their ideas and learn a lot from various sources.

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